Benefits for Spouses/Partners

Spouses/Partners learn how to effectively deal with many of the changes and challenges faced by military families:

  • How to take care of themselves, in order to feel better prepared to support all family members
  • How to talk to their partner (unmarried couples) or spouse (married couples) about any changes in routines or responsibilities that might be necessary to keep the household on track during stressful times
  • How to talk to kids about their concerns, fears, or worries
  • How to manage kids’ behavior if they are acting out at home or in school
  • How to help kids feel connected to their parents
  • How to support their spouse/partner if they are dealing with stress reminders
  • How to identify if someone in the family needs more assistance managing distress
  • How to connect with a spouse/partner and maintain a sense of family closeness
  • How to effectively address and solve problems as a couple/family

As soon as they told me what FOCUS was about, I realized it was the perfect thing for our family.


FOCUS Mom and United States Navy Spouse

I have strength, and FOCUS made me see that. FOCUS gives you more confidence dealing with the family problems.


FOCUS Mom and United States Navy Spouse