Benefits for Kids and Teens

Service members learn skills to address many of the changes and challenges that military families experience:

  • How kids and teens can let the parent(s) know when they’re having a hard time
  • How kids and teens can talk to their parent(s) about the changes in the family related to a recent transition like moving—for example, they might be mad or sad about having to leave their school and friends
  • How kids and teens can build strong connections with their parent(s)
  • How kids can better understand what it means when their parent(s) experiences trauma or stress reminders
  • How kids and teens can talk to friends at school so their friends have a better idea of what they’re going through

I find one of the most useful tools is the Feeling Thermometer. It helps children expand their emotional vocabulary.


FOCUS Resilience Trainer

I feel like all families can benefit from the tools that they give you in FOCUS [like] basic communication skills to speak to your children.


FOCUS Mom and United States Navy Spouse