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FOCUS World ( is an interactive, online educational tool that helps military families become stronger in the face of challenges by providing both parents and kids a fun place to learn and practice important skills, such as:

  • Emotional Regulation – understanding and managing feelings
  • Goal Setting – working together as a family to achieve something important to you
  • Communication – listening and responding to each other’s concerns, including those related to deployment and reintegration

FOCUS World is an online version of a successful program that has been provided in person to military families across the country and overseas. It offers a variety of educational activities that families can view together.

  • Parents can watch brief videos that show helpful ways parents can deal with common family challenges, such as: how to talk to their kids about their concerns when a parent is about to deploy, common challenges families face during reintegration, and how to help children cope during a parent’s absence.
  • Parents can also download handouts that provide helpful education and activities for military families.

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