Bldg 645, 3rd Floor, Offices 304, 312, 313
Narr Ave and Quilter St
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
United States
Alt Number: Fax 928.269.3297
Directions to the FOCUS Yuma Office

We need your help with our new bulletin board! From now until the end of March, stop by FOCUS Yuma (Bldg 645, 3rd floor) and add your own coin, writing out one thing that makes YOUR family "golden."

Do you feel as if your family life is in utter chaos and you are having a difficult time communicating? Let FOCUS help you!!! We can provide 6 to 8 Resilience Training sessions geared toward your family’s needs. These sessions are confidential and free of charge.

If you would like to learn more about FOCUS and to schedule your personalized training sessions please email or stop by our office!

February Tip of the Month from FOCUS:

Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s not just a day for showing romantic love. How do you show love to your friends and family members? In the midst of challenges and stress, a lot of strength can be gained from just showing love and appreciation toward others. Throughout this month, think about ways you can let each of your family members and friends know you care about them. In the FOCUS program, we support couples and families to strengthen their ways of sharing appreciation for each other… Don’t just get by, get stronger!

Beth FitzGerald, MA, LPC
Site Director
Molly Mount from Yuma
Molly Mount
FOCUS Services Coordinator
Tori Bourguignon, MEd
FOCUS Resilience Trainer