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FOCUS on... Goal Setting
Times of major change, such as moving, starting school and deployment are often good opportunities to set family goals because change often prompts us to look at things in a new way and see things that we may wish were different. Most parents are familiar with the idea of goal setting and may be adept at setting and accomplishing goals in their own lives. However, for many of us, the idea of teaching our kids how to set goals may seem tricky, because while kids often know what they want they don't always know how to get there. Here at FOCUS we believe goal setting, the ability to make a plan to accomplish something you want, is an important skill for families to have. To help break down the idea of goal setting for kids we have created a goal setting method called SCORE...
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August Tip of the Month from FOCUS
Hello Friends, and Happy August! Have you seen all the "back to school" commercials yet? It might feel like we just finished school, but it's never too early to plan for getting back into the swing of the school year. What kind of transitions or changes are the hardest for your children? Perhaps their schedule has changed with new activities or more homework and they need a new routine? At the FOCUS program, we teach families how to problem-solve and set goals, so your family can enjoy the end of the summer, and head strong into the new school year! Call the FOCUS program today for more information. Don't just get by, get prepared and be strong!

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