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Bldg 645, 3rd Floor, Offices 304, 312, 313
Narr Ave and Quilter St
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
United States
Alt Number: Fax 928.269.3297

FOCUS Resilience Training provides families and couples the skills needed to regulate their emotions, improve communication, solve problems, and set goals.

If you would like to learn more about FOCUS and to schedule your personalized training sessions please email or stop by our office!

Beth FitzGerald, MA, LPC
Site Director
FOCUS Team Member Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson, MSW
FOCUS Services Coordinator

Spring is almost here! Please continue to check our website for exciting news and upcoming FOCUS events. Dont forget Daylight Savings begins March 11th.

Did you know? :

FOCUS can work with recovering warriors as well as children as young as 3 years old. 

FOCUS is hosting a Monthly Club for military students who attend Woodard Middle School. Make sure your child is signed up
(contact FOCUS or Ms. Alex Siordia for details).

We would be happy to provide a similar club at your child's school. Contact FOCUS at (928) 269-4288.

Don't forget to stop by the FOCUS information table at these upcoming events on MCAS Yuma/in Yuma:

MWSS-371 Pre-Deployment Brief           Station Theatre - 1800-2000 - 27 Feb.

Yuma School District 1 STAR Party         Rolle Elementary - 1800-2000 - 27 Feb.

Yuma School District 1 STAR Party         Sunrise Elementary - 1800-2000 - 28 Feb.

Check out the FOCUS Facebook page which will feature FOCUS-Yuma happenings during the month of February: 


  • FOCUS can re-brief any commands as there are changes in personnel
  • FOCUS can work with families during any part of the deployment cycle
  • FOCUS can meet with individual couples and families, or provide group workshops and briefs