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April Tip of the Month from FOCUS: Now that the weather is getting better, you might be ready to start spring cleaning. While it can feel nice to clean up from the winter, there are chores to be done year round! Consider creating a chore chart so everyone in the family knows what needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Consider, creating a chart with pictures for younger family members. The FOCUS program can help families with chore charts and many other wonderful skills to help stay on task. Don’t just get by, get stronger! Call DSN 645-6077 today!

Stacy Santolaja, MEd, LPC
Site Director
Crystal Vartanian, MS, LMFT
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
Rachel Greiner
Rachel Greiner, MS, LMFT
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
FOCUS Staff Brian O'Sullivan
Brian O'Sullivan
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
Masayo Bamm
FOCUS Services Coordinator

Come and join us to help celebrate the Month of the Military Child on Friday, April 26 at Kenney Park from 5pm - 8pm.  The Month of the Military Child Fun Fest is open to all.  FOCUS will be there at one of the resource table to help celebrate Military Children.  For more information call our main number, DSN 645-6077.  

To learn about our Individualized Family and Couples Resiliency Training call today!

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