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Main Office DSN: 645-6077

FOCUS offers training designed to strengthen couples and families in readiness for tomorrow. It builds on current strengths and teaches practical skills related to the challenges of military life, including stress, injury and other transitions. During FOCUS, families and couples practice perspective-taking and become closer by developing a shared understanding of their experience. FOCUS training is confidential, free and offers services at family friendly hours. For more information or to sign up please call our main office at 645-6077 or email us at


Stacy Santolaja, MEd, LPC
Site Director
Masayo Bamm
Masayo Bamm
FOCUS Services Coordinator
FOCUS Staff Brian O'Sullivan
Brian O'Sullivan
FOCUS Resilience Trainer
Jennifer Roby photo
Jennifer E. Roby, MS, LPC, NCC
FOCUS Resilience Trainer


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