FOCUS Featured in US News & World Report

In a recent article, US News & World Report highlighted the FOCUS Program as an effective resource for Military kids and families. Read the full article here!

Activity: Creating a Family Calendar

family calendarWith spring and summer right around the corner, your family’s schedule might be feeling busier than ever! A Family Calendar is a great way to get everyone organized. Follow these instructions to create a Family Calendar that you can display in your home.

Blog: Keeping it Together

The FOCUS Blog featured a new series of posts from a former Marine Public Affairs Officer who also happens to be a Military spouse and mom! Her delightful posts really capture what it was like for her family to discover FOCUS and how it helped them through her husband’s recent deployment. Check out the final post in the series here.

Skills Spotlight

Communication: Active Listening

Active listening is a communication technique that can help you better understand your child. It is especially useful if he/she is upset and needs to feel supported and cared for. Active listening helps you show your child you value him/her. It also puts you in a better position to solve problems because you’ll have a better understanding of your child’s feelings and how they are related to his/her behavior.

You can show your child/partner that you’re using active listening by:

  • Taking turns when talking
  • Nodding and making eye contact
  • Putting away all distractions

    communicating foxes

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