Understanding Emotions

Welcome to the FOCUS Quarterly Volume 22 - In this issue we will explore emotions.

The way we feel can have an effect on all of our daily interactions and activities. Keep reading to learn how FOCUS helps families manage and talk about their emotions together!

The Feeling Thermometer

Feeling thermometerThe Feeling Thermometer helps family members discuss their emotions in a way that everyone understands. Check out this article to learn more about integrating the Feeling Thermometer into your daily routine.

Family Activity: Deep Breathing

When you feel like you’re entering the yellow or orange zones on the Feeling Thermometer, deep breathing can be a great way to calm down and get back to green. Try using this script with your family members the next time tensions are running a bit higher than normal.

Skills Spotlight

Emotional Regulation

Managing difficult emotions is a starting point for all of the other resilience skills taught in FOCUS. Communication, problem solving, goal setting, and managing stress are all more successful when attempted from a calm ‘green’ place.

When emotions run high, it's often a good idea to take a time out and engage in an activity that helps you feel calm. Strategies that help with ‘getting to green’ can look different for everyone. Even a certain situation can determine the type of strategy that will work best. Use the FOCUS Getting to Green list as a starting point for discovering what strategies work best for you. There might even be some that you could add!

Try hanging this list in a place that the whole family can see. That way, whenever anyone needs to calm down, they can check the list and pick an activity that might help.

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