A Family Ideal Scene is a visual, written display of descriptive statements, intentions, and goals that you have about your family. Your family can use this activity to “declare” new ways of being together, new behavior, and future experiences you would like to have. The Family Ideal Scene works much like affirmations and supports goal setting, the process alone can help create positive ways of thinking, feeling, and acting!

The Family Ideal Scene can be posted on a common room wall and added to as necessary. The Family Ideal Scene should include statements written with active language, using descriptive words. Example statements include “go on a date night twice a month,” or “have established consistent betime routines.” The Family Ideal Scene captures your family’s intentions and goals. For example, if your family is struggling with family closeness, the statements could reflect the goals you are working toward. You could include statements such as “we will feel happy when we are together” or “have a family game night once a week.”

Ideal Scene statements can be general or specific. If your family has an upcoming event, trip, or even a move, completing a Family Ideal Scene can help your family “get on the same page” in regard to your expectations and behaviors.


  • Any size of paper, including large pieces of poster board or drawing paper
  • Pens and markers
  • Magazines
  • Other art supplies

Steps to create your Family Ideal Scene

  1. First, decide what your Family Ideal Scene will focus on and write your idea on the middle of the page (check out the sample below). Some examples you can focus on include your family in general, an upcoming trip, or the start of a new school year.
  2. Draw spokes that originate in the center and move out across the page.
  3. Collect your thoughts about the ideal scene on the spokes as written statements, intentions, goals, and/or a photo collage.
  4. Discuss your thoughts, the statements, and the photos with your family. How do they make you feel? How can your family work as a team towards these intentions?


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