Healing our Wounds of War through FOCUS

This month’s post was written by our special guest blogger Crystal Arriaga. Crystal is a military spouse and mom, originally from Houston, Texas. After participating in FOCUS, Crystal’s family found new ways to understand each other and improve their family’s overall resilience!

Items to Help Kids Master Moving

April is the Month of the Military Child, a national recognition month celebrating the important role children play in the Armed Forces Community. In honor of this special month, we’d like to focus on a challenge faced by nearly every Military child… Moving!

little girl running

Moving is never easy but the following tips from FOCUS can help!

Finding Relief and Hope with FOCUS

This week’s guest blog post comes from Jodi Salamino, LPC, NCC a Family Resilience Trainer for FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress). FOCUS supports military families, such as those at risk or presently challenged with substance abuse, to identify their strengths on the way to building their own story of success. 

family picture