Thriving through Deployment with FOCUS

Hello! My name is Michelle Gonzalez. I have two kiddos. Nathan, who is my very serious 10 year old, and Maddie, who is my sweet and sassy 8 year old. My husband is Danny and he is a submarine sailor of 17 years. He and I have been married for 14 years.

Planning a Family Meeting

This time of year can be a busy time for military families and with changing schedules and new routines the calendar can feel even more hectic. Scheduling a family meeting helps you take control of the family calendar by providing an opportunity for you to discuss expectations, upcoming events, and set goals.

Healing our Wounds of War through FOCUS

This month’s post was written by our special guest blogger Crystal Arriaga. Crystal is a military spouse and mom, originally from Houston, Texas. After participating in FOCUS, Crystal’s family found new ways to understand each other and improve their family’s overall resilience!