FOCUS on Military Kids: Feather Breathing

The FOCUS Okinawa team is here to share one of their favorite activities for military kids and families: Feather Breathing! Feather breathing is a getting to green strategy that helps introduce the skill of deep or controlled breathing as a way to reduce stress.

All you need for this activity is a straw and a feather or piece of paper. Watch the video below to learn how to try feather breathing. You might just add it to your list of favorite getting to green strategies!

FOCUS Twentynine Palms Calming Jar

The FOCUS Twentynine Palms Team has a creative idea for helping children and families calm down! The calming jar is not only a fun craft activity, but also a getting to green strategy that keeps on giving. After creating your calming jar, place it in a convenient spot in your home to help family members find peace during hectic times.

Follow along with FOCUS Twentynine Palms to create your calming jar today!