In this post the Bower Family shares their experience with FOCUS and how it helped their family work on small concerns and difficulties in readiness for tomorrow.


Our family’s experience with FOCUS was rewarding and beneficial. We came to the program with small family concerns and difficulties. We heard about FOCUS from a pamphlet distributed to base commands. At first, we weren’t sure if the program was right for us and our situation. After speaking with FOCUS on the phone, we made an introductory appointment to get a little more information. At our first meeting, we immediately felt welcomed and comfortable talking about our family situations. Even though our family issues didn’t quit fit the main program objective, like long deployments, we were able to tailor it to our specific needs.

The best part about the whole experience, was that our children enjoyed going every time and we were able to schedule during convenient times for the whole family. We learned new coping techniques and tools that we will be able to use time after time. Even though our family was close and strong before, we finished the program feeling like we were better equipped, prepared and FOCUSED for most military family obstacles that may be presented in our journey. We highly recommend using this program, especially BEFORE you get into tough times to better prepare for those difficult moments.


The Bower Family


The FOCUS program is designed for military families, couples and children facing ongoing stress and change. It is easily customized to meet the unique needs of each family, couple, or group in order to help them achieve their personal and relationship goals. These blog posts from real FOCUS Families describe their experiences with the program.