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Program Benefits | Kids and Teens

When a parent is in the Military, there may be times when they are away from the family and periods of adjustment following their return. For lots of kids and teens, this can be hard. FOCUS shows kids and teens some things that might make these times a little easier:

  • How kids and teens can let parents know when they're having a hard time—for example, if they're worried about their mom or dad when they're away, or just missing them a lot
  • How kids and teens can talk to their parents about the changes in the family related to a recent transition like moving or a return from deployment—for example, they might be mad or sad about having to leave their school and friends
  • How kids and teens can build strong connections with their mom or dad
  • How to get used to having their mom or dad around again after a deployment or following active service
  • How kids can better understand why it is that their mom or dad might be acting differently since they returned from deployment
  • How kids and teens can talk to friends at school so their friends have a better idea of what they're going through

FOCUS really made this last deployment smoother. It has been a great confidence builder. FOCUS Mom and United States Navy Spouse


My husband's been a marine for 15 years - I wondered what they could possibly tell me that I don't already know. I was surprised by all the information we actually used. FOCUS Mom and United States Marine Corps Spouse



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