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Program Benefits | Spouses/Partners

Spouses/Partners learn how to effectively deal with many of the changes and challenges faced by Military families:

  • How to take care of themselves, in order to feel better prepared to support the kids
  • How to talk to their partner  about any changes in family routines or responsibilities that might be necessary to keep the family and household on track during stressful times
  • How to talk to kids about their concerns, fears, or worries
  • How to manage kids' behavior if they are acting out at home or in school
  • How to help kids feel connected to their parents
  • How to support their spouse/partner if they are dealing with combat stress reactions or reminders
  • How to identify if someone in the family needs more assistance managing distress
  • How to reconnect with a Spouse/Partner and recreate a sense of family closeness
  • How to support a Spouse/Partner as they reintegrate into civilian life and changing roles and responsibilities
  • How to effectively address and solve problems as a family following active duty

FOCUS really made this last deployment smoother. It has been a great confidence builder. FOCUS Mom and United States Navy Spouse


My husband's been a marine for 15 years - I wondered what they could possibly tell me that I don't already know. I was surprised by all the information we actually used. FOCUS Mom and United States Marine Corps Spouse



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