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Site Location

FOCUS Quantico
Building 2034, Little Hall, Lower Level, Suite 31
Quantico, VA 22134
Phone 703.784.0189

Serving Wounded Warrior Regiment Headquarters


FOCUS Resilience Training provides families and couples the skills needed to improve communication, solve problems and set goals.

Call us today to learn more about FOCUS and to schedule your personalized training sessions.

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Kelly Skala, M.A., LPC
Site Director
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Lance Sharp
FOCUS Services Coordinator
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Sadie Barnes, MSW, M.S.
Family Resilience Trainer
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Kathleen Fountain, MSW
Resilience Trainer




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Location:Quantico, VA, 22134

FOCUS is a prevention service designed to help families address the stress related to military life.  The program includes the entire family and is customized to suit its specific needs.  FOCUS is offered in several formats:  family consultations, family level training, couples training, small group training, and workshops.  FOCUS builds strong connections with other military family providers to support a network of care for families.




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Work with resiliency trainers at select military sites.

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Many of the benefits of in-person training are now available online.

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